2012/02/08 10:00
カテゴリー: Nokia N8



さて、リーク版と比べて何が変わっているのかなと思って、いろいろ調べると、My Nokia BlogにChange Logがありました。

  • Nokia Pure Font is the default font on the phone now
  • New start up tone basically just two Dings “Ting- Ting”
  • Something called “Chat Apps” – takes you to the web Ovi store
  • Something called “Nokia Recommends” which appears similar to the app highlights that came on the stock S^3
  • F-Secure anti virus comes pre loaded onto the device
  • As Does Microsoft Communicator
  • Shazam and Quickoffice & Youtube are also pre-loaded (probably on C which means bye bye RAM)
  • Swype is the default keyboard
  • better haptic feed back
  • smaller icons for shortcuts on Homescreen (Thumbnail/image is smaller)
  • “Search Widget Update” is available in software updater
  • Smoother kinetic scrolling
  • Still “Big Clock” is the only screen saver available (not sure if people who went official all the way have more options)
  • The Widgets that were leaked from the E6 a while back (data monitor small Music player and many more ARE NOT available)
  • If you had the beta Nokia store it’s now been replaced with ovi store again, however you’re prompted to update as soon as you run it.

特に最後から2つめ、「少し前に出たE6のウィジェット(Data monitorやSmall Music Player、その他もろもろのウィジェットは無し)」
だめじゃん!特にSmall Music Playerは愛用しているのに・・・。


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